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Watch Now: Qveen Herby - BDE (Live)

Absolutely loving these little live cuts from Qveen Herby. While the forthcoming tour may end up postponed, I certainly won’t be complaining if we continue to get slightly reworked and stripped down performances of some of the songstress’ hits. It’s quite wild how she takes the OG concept and twists it just enough to keep the same foundation while still cooking up an entirely unique experience.

The live rendition of “BDE” is literally stripped down, with nothing but vocals and guitar. But, man, that’s all it takes to set it off. I’m telling you – Qveen Herby has a presence about her that should not be taken lightly. It’s performance art at its finest, with the added bonus of catchy music and captivating vocals. Hearing the rawness of her voice is always a wonderful experience, allowing listeners to step back from the flash of the original records and really get an idea of how talented an artist Qveen Herby is.

“BDE” lives on EP 5 and now you can stream these live cuts via Tiny Piano.

Press play below.

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