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Watch Now: Qveen Herby - Sade in the 90s (Live)

You know there’s a tour on the horizon (woo!) as Qveen Herby continues to roll-out uniquely enthralling live renditions of her cuts, following up “Mint” with “Sade in the 90s.” A testament to intellectual, chess-like business moves, Qveen and her team are revealing glimpses into what a live performance from the captivating artist will look, sound and feel like. And, as fans await official dates and tour info, we get to sit back and lose ourselves in the vivid energy encapsulating the live mini-movies.

Like “Mint,” “Sade in the 90s” comes through with a wildly juxtaposed energy when compared to the OG version. But it fills viewers with the same overarching confidence, swag and overall vibes – this Queen Qveen can fucking perform, man. Each movement of her body, each flicker of her eyes, the emotion that dips and weaves through her vocals…it all serves as a wonderful piece of the puzzle that forges into a unified fidelity that is the final product. The high-production but lowkey simplicity of these live performances shine a bright light on the fun, sexy and self-assured Herby. You’ll notice her looks and her wardrobe, as they unquestionably catch your eyes, but you’ll be left with your jaw on the floor at how incredibly well she grabs a hold of your attention and locks you in with her sharp movements and emotive, sensual and enchanting delivery – both physical and vocal.

It’s never a bad time to run back through Qveen Herby’s catalogue, so enjoy these live flicks and go crate digging through all the music she has available so you’ll be ready to catch Qveen live this year.

Press play on “Sade in the 90s” below and enjoy EP 3 on all your favorite streaming platforms.

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