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Watch Now: Qveen Herby - Marie Antoinette

Before my little self-imposed hiatus from the wonderful world of blogging, I was heavily captivated by the continued evolution and artistic exploration of Qveen Herby. Alongside her husband, she had brought to life this spellbinding character complete with alluring imagery, an always attention grabbing fashion sense and, most importantly, top-shelf music and accompanying visuals. There was something so seductive about Qveen Herby that transcended her physical appearance – she was really a complete package that never failed to charm her ever-growing fan base with empowering records saturated with self-love, clever bars and engrossing energy.

In my absence, I was keeping up with Qveen Herby but, admittedly, I was listening to a lot less music as I focused on my personal endeavors. So, it’s with great pleasure I jump back into the Qveendom. And, in doing so, it’s with even more pleasure I find out what should have been expected – Qveen Herby has only brought her game to the next level. Perhaps most remarkable about the artist is her ability to not only regularly release quality music but to do so with a versatile, evolving sound and style. From EP 1 to THE MUSE, we’re witnessing the exploration and evolution of an artist as she continues to build upon the already solid foundation and energy that exists. To the outsider listening in, it feels as though there is no fear holding Qveen Herby back from dipping her toes into whatever she decides she wants to try. In fact, she dives right in and masters the craft, leaving her fans with their jaws on the floor as they vibe out to the music, basking in the wondrous essence of authentic artistry.

“Marie Antoinette” finds its home on the recently released THE MUSE EP. The record kicks off with Qveen Herby’s soulful vocals rising up over the soft, emerging aura of the production. And then, the beat drops. In perfect unison, Nick’s production kicks things up a notch as Qveen Herby steps up with her sharp, mindful and intricate flow. As we’ve come to expect from Qveen Herby, there is some depth on display throughout her wordplay. With “Marie Antoinette,” it’s all about self-love, self-care and self-awareness. Step into your power and don’t stress being humble if you’re moving in love – love of self in particular. We’re getting bar after bar of knowledge dropped upon us as Qveen embraces the “I AM” and rises above the ego, working diligently to “conjure up the new” Qveen Herby. We all have baggage and habits that stunt our growth – with “Marie Antoinette,” Qveen Herby offers up some tips, rituals, and acts of self-love that provide an avenue towards growth, healing and finding an authentic, rooted love of the self.

As always, daps and pounds to Nick for the vibrant production. From the subtle growth to the drop and everything that comes after, “Marie Antoinette” features an explosive vibe that feels good, sounds good and looks good. The soundscape helps to amplify the impact of every bar, providing the appropriate amount of room for the lyrics to breath on their own while still adding a little accent mark to each line.

Qveen Herby follows the path paved by the previously released “Thank Goddess” and “Chucky Cheese” visuals, letting the color red take the spotlight for her “Marie Antoinette” visual. It will never fail to amaze me how Qveen Herby is able to accomplish so much with minimal elements – the video consisting of Qveen sitting by the mic, her red outfit adding a bright splash of color to the predominately dark, nature-esque backdrop. We see a plant, candles and the Qveen. And, as she’s proven time and time again, that’s all she really needs. The facial expressions and hand gestures work in the same way the production does, adding a little bit of zest to each bar, highlighting the supernatural power of Qveen Herby’s innate energy.

THE MUSE is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Enjoy Qveen Herby’s “Marie Antoinette” visuals below. I’ve also included the “Thank Goddess” and “Chucky Cheese” videos because why the f*** not?

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