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Hip-Hop for the Homeless X: Reflection & Playlist

To hit the 10 year anniversary of anything is a huge milestone – it takes time, energy, dedication, sacrifice and a will to forge forward in order to overcome whatever obstacles one may encounter. When it comes to Hip-Hop for the Homeless, reaching that 10 year anniversary was the result of never losing sight of the goal. Since 2014, the collection of performances has set out to raise funds and collect donations to help those in need, especially in the colder months of the year. Now, with ten years separating the inaugural HH4H and the latest rendition that kicks off later this week, the annual and highly anticipated event has helped raise $35,954 and loads of clothing for those who have fallen on hard times.

Inspired and influenced by the events he saw unfolding around him, Joey Batts cooked up the original concept in 2014 and called upon the plethora of artists who called Connecticut home. It didn’t take long for performances to be booked around the state, with artists happily donating their time and energy and venues opening their doors to help bring the vision to life. As the years have passed, the structure of the event has shifted slightly – s/o virtual HH4H during the Covid Era – but the goal has remained the same. And, thanks to the shared goal of each and every person who performs and the people who show up to support, the impact of HH4H on our local communities has grown tremendously. Each year, the shows raise more money than the previous year and it feels like more people are inspired to come out to do their part in helping the event grow into something even more monumental.

It’s a beautiful thing to witness as even the most braggadocious of artists put their egos aside for the greater good that is Hip-Hop for the Homeless. Fueled by a collective understanding that the goal of the event is what matters most – the event and the intent is bigger than any one artist who takes part – the Connecticut music scene comes together for the greater good of the state. From the artists donating their time and the businesses helping sponsor the event to the countless volunteers and the people who come out to support with their presence and donations, Hip-Hop for the Homeless is the epitome of it takes a village. And each year, the village comes out to ensure the event follows through on its goal.

While HH4H is not – and never will be – about any individual performer, the string of shows has provided a platform for artists to showcase their skills and garner a wider audience. You never know who you might see at the events and, thanks to a meticulous selection of both well known and lesser known performers, onlookers are almost always guaranteed to be exposed to someone they have not previously heard before. In order to help set the stage for the forthcoming HH4H X performances this week, I’ve compiled a 24-track playlist featuring music from a number of artists who will hit the stage in the coming weeks. Bear in mind, this is merely a taste of what’s shaping up to be the biggest Hip-Hop for the Homeless season yet.

Enjoy the playlist below and be sure to pop in to as many of the performances as you can – drop off donations, cop a t-shirt, say “what’s up” to your friends while making some new ones and let’s simultaneously celebrate the 10 year anniversary of HH4H while coming together once again to support this necessary cause. Everything kicks off on Thursday evening in Bridgeport at Park City Music Hall – check out the flyer below for the full lineup of dates.

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