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Watch Now: Trevor Hall - Live at Envision Fest

Welp, you certainly don’t need me to tell you there is a whole lot of uncertainty in the world right now. Thankfully, we have artists like Trevor Hall who can slide through with some musical medicine to help listeners find a bit of light and balance through the trying times. Hall’s sonic offerings have served as a lighthouse of sorts for me for many years now and I’d encourage any and all of you to dig through his catalogue and dose up on the medicine.

With his latest release, Hall hops in the way back machine to bring fans a taste of Envision Fest 2019. Captured by the Festiviz coalition, the flick reveals wonderfully uplifting shots of community, togetherness, good vibes and Hall & co. rocking through their set. Daps and pounds to Rich Vagner for his cameo and the always majestic violin he adds to any track he touches.

The visual is laced with “Free” playing in the background, setting the mood perfectly for the ensuing footage. The Fruitful Darkness cut offers a gentle reminder to trust in the process of all things and respect the journey that is constantly being laid down before and around you. Even amidst the darkness and the uncertainty, the stars are aligning as they are meant to be.

As fans await word on plans for Hall’s forthcoming tour with Bret Dennen, which has seemingly been pushed back to a later date, it’s simple gestures like this video that remind us all to hold on to the love, faith and good energy that will carry us through the difficult times. Oh, and new music from Trevor is coming, so yay!

Watch the video below.

[Note: The beautiful image featured in this post comes courtesy of Andrea Chile.]

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