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Watch Now: Khary - You Say [prod. Mike Irish]

Khary is preparing to release A Desperate Attempt To Love Everything, an album he began working on 4 years ago. As the spring drop nears, the liberation of songs from the vault began last month with “Say My Peace.” Today, Khary lets loose a record that was initially teased while on tour 3 years prior to it’s physical release – it’s one his growing fan base has been eagerly anticipating and a joint Khary is excited to finally share with the world.

“You Say” is, in his own words, a song about being a f**k boy. And, man, f**k boy or not, this one is indeed a bop as Khary steps up with such a beautiful blend of clever bars and balanced crooning. The content featured throughout the song is raw and honest – the chorus alone may rub some people the wrong way, but you pretty much have no choice but to admire the unabashed honesty on display here. The anthemic record is a blunt and honest stream of consciousness delivered in a catchy AF package, shining a light on the ever present growth of the man behind the mic.

Let’s face it, the subject matter probably isn’t intended to catch the attention of anyone looking for ultra deep, conscious rap. But it’s safe to assume Khary isn’t trying to appeal to anyone at this point in his career. With roughly 7 years between the release of intern aquarium. and “You Say,” anyone who has been around for the ride long enough has had the pleasure of witnessing and experiencing the evolution of an artist and a human. He’s living life and traveling through all it has to offer – the highs and the lows – and has seemingly found some sense of peace in creating the music he wants to create. Circling back to the presumption I made at that start of this paragraph, it’s worth noting that even though “You Say” likely wasn’t created to appeal to a certain segment of the rap audience, it’s one hell of a track that really feels like a complete package and should appeal to anyone who enjoys music.

I try to avoid speaking on “potential” because the whole concept of “potential” is weird and almost insulting to me, but “You Say” has the potential to appeal to the masses thanks in large part to the well-rounded yet wholly authentic nature of the song. Also, once again, it’s a f***ing bop.

The latest from Khary features production from Mike Irish, who cooks up a gentle, vibey bounce that sets the energy for Khary’s prose. The balanced soundscape comes to life thanks to the soft, intricate instrumentation that feels as if it sits in the background, sort of cradling Khary’s lyrics and delivery but offering up a vibrant spike of energy when necessary.

The accompanying visual experience was directed by Jonathan Benavente, who has a proven record of success with Khary. It’s a simple yet potent video that manages to draw emotion from the viewer without the use of any flashy bells or whistles. Overall, “You Say” is fun and, like the record itself, the video is almost comical but presented in such a way that it feels both serious and artsy.

“You Say” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. Press play on the visuals below.

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