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Listen Now: Megan Vice - Strawberry Lemonade (Shades of Black Remix)

My introduction to Megan Vice came a number of years back via the music of Sam Lachow, but it didn’t take much digging around to see the enigmatic songstress had carved out a sound and style all her own. Playing around with an eclectic range of influences, Vice calls upon whatever the fuck she wants, cooking up a sonic offering that is equal parts funk, pop, disco, glam rock and a whole lot more. And she does all of this so unapologetically you can’t help but admire – and maybe be a bit intimidated by – the fierce beauty of all the pieces that make her who she is.

After dropping a 5-track project last year, the LA-based and NY-bred Vice returns this year with a vibey remix of Breakbot’s “Shades of Black” that’ll leave you feeling plenty types of nice.

Megan takes the OG cut and adds some new flavor to the instrumental, lacing the funky jawn with genre-blending vocals she dubs “Strawberry Lemonade.” I love how Vice steers away from a conventional pop sound, instead using the gift that is her voice to come forth with a hybrid display of decade-spanning energies. It’s pretty evident Vice could be following trends and making cookie-cutter pop hits with the vocal talent she has, but she’s creating from her heart and having fun while doing it. This passion-driven creative process results in an authentic aura encompassing her music, one that resonates deeply with those who take the time to listen. Vibes don’t lie and, when it comes to “Strawberry Lemonade,” issa vibe.

If you’re not an ass clown, you’re being mindful enough to stay at home as much as you can right now. So get comfortable, light some candles and incense, maybe roll up if that’s your style and proceed to press play on “Strawberry Lemonade.” Before you know it, you’ll be dancing away your isolation and enjoying the solitude.

Catch the vibes below.

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