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Listen Now: Ceschi - Beginning Of A New Era [prod. Factor Chandelier]

It’s been a long time in the making but Ceschi is preparing for the release of Bring Us The Head Of Francisco False. The forthcoming album serves as the third release in the trilogy that represents the end of Ceschi as we’ve come to know him over the years as a solo artist. And that statement alone is sort of a wild one – who the fuck even is Ceschi as we’ve come to know him? Since my introduction to his music in 2014, which was already “late” when you take into account his discography and story, I’ve been fortunate to witness the beautiful evolution of a story unfolding in real time – the highs, lows, tragedies, and everything in between, above and beyond. To say I’m excited to hear Bring Us The Head is an understatement but since the release of “Beginning Of A New Era” I have been diving back into the New Haven-based artist’s catalog of gems and, man, it truly is a fucking treasure chest of sonic offerings. The always present blending of genres juxtaposed with ridiculously sharp lyricism presenting thought-provoking, uninhibited streams of consciousness…it’s all so beautiful, in the most morbidly poetic way.

With “Beginning Of A New Era,” Ceschi offers up an open letter to whomever takes the time to listen. From front to back, the record is aggressive and vulnerable, hopeful yet cynical and, without question, it’s the epitome of authenticity. It doesn’t take long to feel how real these lyrics are – it’s not just some cleverly composed prose, it’s the rawest of thoughts picked and pulled from the head and heart of a man who finds a means of expression with his powerful music. Listeners are taken on a journey through time as Ceschi fills the track with reflections, memories, observations and a deep dive into his psyche. The explosive lyricism rises, falls and erupts with the Factor Chandelier-produced sonic backdrop. The deep, dark and genuine content pulls no punches as Ceschi leaves his blood, sweat and tears on “Beginning Of A New Era.” Once again, listeners are reminded just how sharp the pen game is as the characteristically genre-defying release showcases why Ceschi is not an emcee worth sleeping on. If this is a sign of what’s to come with Bring Us The Head, it’s clear Ceschi plans to go out with a bang.

As always, daps and pounds to Factor for going off on this one. My goodness. While we still can, let’s give these guys their roses and crown them the undisputed tag-team champs because you’d be hard pressed to find a more wonderfully symbiotic relationship between two artists.

“Beginning Of A New Era” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. Bring Us The Head Of Francisco False, Part 1 is available for pre-order now. Press play below.

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