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Listen Now: Dom McLennon - Darling [prod. bleekg1 & Alex Goose]

We’ve received limited offerings from Dom McLennon is more recent times but the gems he has liberated have served their purpose, allowing Dom the opportunity to free some thoughts from his headspace while keeping the listeners full for the time being. With “Darling,” the CT-bred artist lets loose an open letter in the form of streams of consciousness. The vibey, ethereal record sees Dom’s prose floating amongst the simultaneously explosive and soulful instrumentation as he gets an eclectic collection of thoughts and emotions off his chest.

If you’ve been following along with Dom’s post-BH journey at all, you already know he’s been in the process of re-calibrating his life and career, falling back from the spotlight intentionally in order to craft and be the architect of his present and his future. There’s no time for looking back as he moves with grace and finesse into the next stages of his existence here in the physical – it’s all chess as Dom flows through life at his own pace, strategically planting seeds and making moves to ensure a more prolific future not only for himself but for the creative communities that he proudly calls home. “Darling” gives a sense that Dom is willing to fight for his vision, his goals and his life – it’s a fine balance of self-care, progressive creativity and boundary pushing initiatives that serve to uplift the world around him.

“Darling” houses a smooth, confident and determined delivery of poetic lyrics showcasing the focused energy that’s encompassing Dom along his travels. There’s a fine juxtaposition of humility and braggadocious energy on this one. The record is unique in the way Dom’s presence on the track appears to ride in the backdrop while the powerful production stands more prominently in the spotlight. One could suggest the track was mixed poorly but that’s a pretty preposterous opinion given the track record and artistry of those associated with the release. When you consider some of the moves Dom has made as of late, it’s more likely the track is designed to give roses to the Bleek + Alex Goose tandem responsible for producing “Darling.” Dom’s lyrics standout naturally – it’s sharp and clever wordplay that doesn’t need to be presented in a loud fashion to be impactful. It’s a beautiful example of teamwork – everyone wins because everyone is playing a necessary role to bring “Darling” to life.

“Darling” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. Press play below.

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