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Watch Now: Carlie Hanson - Cigarettes

Over the course of Carlie Hanson’s Junk, listeners are opened to a wondrously authentic presentation of teenage angst, confusion, innocence, heartbreak and self-discovery. As a result of the Wisconsin natives moving songwriting and delivery, as well as a solid foundation of remaining true to herself, the 5-track EP stands out with a radiating essence of relatability, honesty and just enough uniqueness to separate it from many of her musical contemporaries.

The music sits on the edge of punk-rock, with some obvious pop-infused influences. Thanks to the energy Carlie brings to the table, managing to croon from the depths of her authentic self, Junk is, sonically, without any definitive borders. It is, from start to finish, uniquely Carlie Hanson. And, in this day and age, that is a difficult feat to accomplish. Drawing from her experiences as she journeys from youth to young adulthood, the stories contained within Junk will unquestionably resonate with the masses of individuals encountering their own coming of age adventures. However, it’s just as likely Junk will strike a chord within the psyche of “older” listeners, as Hanson finds a way to deliver her prose as if she has coupled timeless wisdom of a sage with her youthful, optimistically pessimistic perception of the world.

Junk really is a fun, distinctive and quirky listening experience. With only a short career behind her, the EP serves as the debut project from Hanson. It will be interesting to watch her growth, both personally and artistically, as the music undoubtedly captures the attention of an ever growing audience. In the meantime, I would highly recommend taking the time to sit with the 5-track EP and experience the breath of fresh air that is Carlie Hanson and Junk.

“Cigarettes” finds itself on the receiving end of a visualizer experience, bringing the track to life with vibrant collage-esque, cut-and-paste edits. The song is a fine example of Carlie’s songwriting, while also demonstrating her ability to capture and delivery raw, abrasive and unabashed emotion within the confines of her lyrics. You feel her hurt and pain, but the listener also catches a slight glimmer of hope and perseverance shining through the turbulence that is love and heartbreak.

Junk is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Press play on “Cigarettes” below.

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