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Listen Now: Myya's Diary - Is It Just Me?

Experiencing pain and confusion are part of being human. What matters most is how we react to, manage and grow through these “negative” emotions. We can allow them to define us and keep us trapped in the darkness. Or we can greet them, acknowledge them and leave ourselves open to the lessons they have to teach us. It always feels better to be living in the light but, at the end of the day, we should never forget that the darkness has its teachings.

After opening the pages of her diary to the world with “Anxiety” last year, Myya returns with the simple yet powerful “Is It Just Me?” As the song plays, you can feel the pain echoing in the young songstress’ vocals. There is confusion, regret, longing and a flicker of self-depreciation. She’s human, after all. But there is also a glimmer of hope, a light that shines despite the darkness – even if it’s not in the front of the stage, Myya’s strength plays a prominent role in the story that is her latest record. Rather than giving in to the weight of the world, Myya takes accountability for how she is feeling and finds a comforting and supportive embrace by flipping the emotions and her current mental health into an artistic manifestation.

“Is It Just Me?” pays mind to the realness of what Myya is experiencing – although some may trivialize the emotions, she’s aware of her reality. Let this be a gentle reminder not to make light of another persons state of mind simply because you don’t feel the same or you react to certain situations differently. While we all walk this physical existence together, we each have a unique journey here on Earth and we’re all living in our own realities.

Sit with yourself, experience your darkness and find your light. And once you do, pass the vibes and shine on.

Press play below.

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