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Listen Now: seeyousoon - Fever

We had an absolute blast being introduced to the eclectic sounds of Florida-based seeyousoon last year. From the initial singles to the debut album, the 9-piece collective captured our eyes and ears with their expansive range of lyrical prowess and instrumentation. With influences you could almost taste yet enough uniqueness to truly set the group apart from their peers, seeyousoon kicked down the door last year and left their growing audience waiting for whatever came next.

Enter “Fever,” the first new drop from seeyousoon in 2021. If you thought the group was only taking risks last year, the new single makes it strikingly clear that is not the case. Quite the contrary, “Fever” stands out as another huge step into the realm of experimental soundscapes. It becomes clear rather quickly that seeyousoon is determined to forge out a sound and a style all their own, still paying respect to those who came before them but eager to plant their flag and make a name for themselves.

With the ever enigmatic collection of flows still present, “Fever” comes to life with its warped and distorted production. How these guys and gals manage to merge together so flawlessly on wax is beyond me – so I’m just going to sit here and enjoy the music. Much like their releases last year, “Fever” feels like a breath of fresh air in a world full of copycats and cookie cutter artistry. When you take a group of kids who appear to be fearless in regards to trying new things, the result has the potential to be hit or miss. With seeyousoon and “Fever,” it’s a f***ing hit. The youth has something to say…you may not like it, but you’ll end up left in the dust if you don’t lend them an ear.

The highlight of “Fever” is just how much is going on over the course of the 2:15 track. From the plethora of styles the lyrics are delivered to the gritty nature of the production, “Fever” is a listening experience that feels far longer than it actually is. The in-your-face record never feels cluttered or overwhelming, which stands as a testament to the collective artistry possessed by the group. Even with a spectrum-spanning collection of sounds and flows, “Fever” stands on its own two feet as a wholly unified manifestation. And, at the end of the day, seeyousoon’s latest gift to the world feels something like a flipped bird and politically correct crotch grab in sonic form.

Here’s to whatever seeyousoon has in store for us as 2021 rolls on. I’ll be here waiting with open ears and an open mind.

“Fever” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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