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Listen Now: Abiyah - Mirror Flower [prod. Warren P. Harrison]

Closing out 2019 in an enigmatic fashion, Abiyah shares the hauntingly uplifting “Mirror Flower.” Over the course of the atmospheric record, the Cincinnati-based artist takes listeners on an emotional journey inward, purging the contents of her head and heart spaces across the sonic landscape pieced together by Warren Harrison.

We find ourselves on the receiving end of an intimate portrayal of Abiyah’s inner travelings as she maneuvers through the darkness in order to fan her internal flame – “Mirror Flower” sees the songstress returning to her light, her power and her raw, authentic self. In doing so, the new joint basks in the glow of relatability – it’s at once painful and comforting how much so Abiyah’s prose strikes a chord deep within the psyche of her audience. She is, you are, we are not alone – but we are all to be held accountable for our own healing and all the internal and external work that accompanies such healing.

Self-worth, self-empowerment and healing starts with each of us and it ends with each of us. Only then can our individual light ripple into the lives of our collective consciousness. Pretty powerful sentiment to close one chapter and welcome in the New Year.

Sonically, “Mirror Flower” comes to life with a rather dark essence – it’s brooding, contemplative and a bit morbid in regards to how it sounds. Despite the darkness of the aura encompassing the song, “Mirror Flower” is an incredibly inspiring and “light” record. It’s an empowering ballad, as our protagonist’s prose is cradled in the comforting arms of Harrison’s production. You’ll fall into the embrace of Abiyah’s soul-stirring delivery before transcending the physical realm as the thought-provoking content couples with the enchanting instrumentation.

As the year reaches its final days, it’s refreshing to hear music as pure as “Mirror Flower.” A song, it seems, created from a need to create, to express oneself and to share a personal journey in hopes of forging bonds with all those who feel something similar. Nothing forced, nothing copy and pasted – a sound, a style and a presentation unique to Abiyah. As all these components find fidelity on “Mirror Flower,” we’re left with lessons and guidance that serve to shine a little light on the respective roads we choose to travel in the days, weeks and years that will shape our lives.

“Mirror Flower” is available now via Bandcamp.

Experience the music below.

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