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Listen Now: Abiyah - Champion Plaque (feat. Ceschi) [prod. Possible Address]

Some artists are adept at creating music that blends genres, the resulting product sounding unique in its own right. Others, like Abiyah and Ceschi, transcend past the mere blending of styles to offer up sonic manifestations that manage to defy any sort of genre all together. Despite countless journalistic attempts to compartmentalize via labels, the music stands on its own foundation, blasting through the speakers free of any label or definitive denomination.

This genre-less creative approach is strikingly evident with the Cincinnati-based artist’s “Champion Plaque”, a new single featuring Ceschi that was first imagined in 2015. The free-flowing delivery of vivid, picturesque storytelling from both artists acknowledges the saturation of inauthentic people permeating our daily lives. Abundant in subject matter that is relatable while also forcing listeners to take an uncomfortable look in the mirror, “Champion Plaque” is a call to action, tearing away at the facades that we’ve allowed to be conditioned upon our physical and emotional beings. With the record, Abiyah and Ceschi herald the true champions – people who take accountability for the actions that shape their existence, moving through life in the most genuine, honest and true to self fashion.

The original version of “Champion Plaque” features instrumentation from Possible Address, a St. Petersburg, Russia-based producer. Reminiscent of Ceschi’s sound, the production sets the tone for the track’s content, remaining muted in volume despite the powerful, guiding nature provided by the sonic backdrop. It’s headstrong and stoic, confidently situated in the background as it allows for the lyrical delivery of Abiyah and Ceschi to find prominence in the foreground.

In addition to the original audio, Abiyah also liberated a remix from Bay Area-housed artist OneWerd, who proceeds to transform “Champion Plaque” into an EDM anthem while keeping the overarching sentiment of the record intact.  It’s a beautiful juxtaposition playing the two versions back to back, experiencing the clashing energies of the production despite the poignant content resonating deeply on both cuts.

“Champion Plaque” is available for download via BandCamp and you can stream the record via all major platforms. Fans can also pre-order Ceschi’s forthcoming Sad, Fat Luck here.

Press play on the original and OneWerd remix below.

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