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Watch Now: Kaiya Crawford - Sell It! [prod. Sean Matsukawa]

My goodness.

I pressed play on this one while I was already feeling fantastic but Kaiya Crawford and Sean Matsukawa just found a way to lift my vibes to a whole new level. “Sell It!” should be featured in the dictionary under “vibe” and “bop,” because this joint is the definition of both those terms. Honestly, I had to run the record back a handful of times to wrap my head around the actual content because each time through I found myself so lost in the euphoria of the energy encapsulating “Sell It!.”

The wondrously layered vocals present throughout “Sell It!” work to keep the song grounded while simultaneously elevating Kaiya’s engaging lyrics to the heavens. It’s almost enchanting the way she glides over Matsukawa’s smoothly subdued instrumentation with her soulful, atmospheric delivery, filling the sonic landscape with thought-provoking and empowering prose. As the artists find fidelity between production and vocal presentation, “Sell It!” comes to a majestic life that will leave you happily floating in the vast galaxy of vibes. And, man, I dare anyone listening to try and not get the infectious hook stuck in their dome piece.

“Sell It!” is accompanied by a fun music video that epitomizes the DIY-from-the-bedroom aesthetic. While many people try to master the craft, Kaiya and Sean succeed if for no other reason than the pureness and authenticity that radiates from the entirety of the presentation. It’s fun, it’s simple, and it works beautifully. What may have been a happy little accident stands prominently now as an attention capturing piece of art.

Hopefully Kaiya decides to do as the title suggests and throws “Sell It!” up on all our favorite streaming platforms. In the meantime, you can stream the record via SoundCloud.

In addition to “Sell It!,” I’ve included Kaiya’s Ashton McCreight-produced “2009” below.

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