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Watch Now: Trevor Hall - Arrows (Live in Concert)

After lending his whimsical vocals to Richard Vagner’s Boulder earlier this month, Trevor Hall wraps up May with the release of a new set of live visuals captured by Sugarshack during the recent MOON / SUN Tour. This time around, fans are blessed with a vibrant presentation of “Arrows,” a moving joint that finds life on Hall’s The Fruitful Darkness. Alongside Will Evans (vocals/guitar), Jeff Martin (drums) and Brian Lang (bass), Trevor finds wondrous fidelity with the energy of the Charleston, South Carolina audience as he brings “Arrows” to life at The Music Farm.

“Arrows” is a track that certainly resonates deeply with Trevor’s loyal Villagers, many of whom have undoubtedly embarked on their uniquely personal journey on the many paths of spirituality. The road, although a good one, is seldom easy. Quite the opposite, the path of spirituality – whatever that means to each individual – is a journey filled with pain, defeat, trials and tribulations. To say it’s a “difficult” path would be the epitome of an understatement. And yet, those who have planted their feet on the good road persevere – they may slip, stumble, fall off…but turning back is never in the cards. Because, once the journey has begun, one recognizes the reward of continuing on the never ending journey exceeds the comfort of giving up. The path may be a difficult one, but all the best things in life manifest through work – if you take the easy route, life will be hard; but if you take the hard path, life will be easy.

Through spirituality, we are forced to go deep within ourselves. And what we find there is not always sunshine and roses. Spirituality is a journey into the darkness of self in order to discover the gift – the light – that can be found there. “Arrows,” through Hall’s mystical lyricism, serves to paint this concept in an engaging, comforting fashion. The song fits beautifully within the stories and lessons that build upon one another to form The Fruitful Darkness in its entirety.

This performance holds even greater sentimental value as it took place in Hall’s home state of South Carolina. Helping to bring the homecoming set full circle, Trevor’s father – Hall’s biggest hype man – joins the band on stage to add his fatherly energy to “Arrows.” As if the song wasn’t magical enough, the presence of father and son together lifts “Arrows” to an even greater peak. Vibes don’t lie and this performance looks, sounds and, most importantly, feels like something special.

The Fruitful Darkness is available now on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. Fans can also purchase physical copies via Hall’s official website.

Press play and enjoy “Arrows” below.

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