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Listen Now: Sean Matsukawa - Pink Runs Faster

“Pink Runs Faster” was originally shared by Sean Matsukawa via SoundCloud a few months ago, but the evocatively alluring loosie found its way to my timeline today and quickly captured my attention.

Backed by sorrowful, dispiriting instrumentation, Matsukawa fills the song with bone chilling vocals capturing an energy rooted in wonder and confusion. There’s an encompassing aura of fear and loss, coupled with an overarching anticipation of loneliness, that makes “Pink Runs Faster” eerily and unfortunately relatable. It’s a record one doesn’t want to connect with – yet, due to the unembellished delivery of such raw content, the listener feels the waves of Matsukawa’s tonal communication wash throughout the depths of their being.

The self-produced “Pink Runs Faster” serves as my introduction to the LA-based artist, whose catalogue I’ll be diving into as extensively as possible. While fans await new music from Matsukawa, there appears to be a nice collection of tunes to explore via SoundCloud and all major streaming platforms.

Hit play on “Pink Runs Faster” below.

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