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Watch Now: Zhero - In My Life [prod. Grant Evans]

Zhero returns with an engrossing new release today, complete with the accompanying visual treatment. Any drop from the CT-based artist tends to be saturated with an emotive dialogue and “In My Life” features Zhero finding a unique balance between his pain and the self-awareness that stems from it. It feels as though Zhero is gaining a sense of power through his acknowledgement of the internal hurt that surfaces on all levels of his being. There is a unique aura of confidence littered throughout his prose, which dances with the uncertainty and darkness of life – it’s as if he’s accepting his aloneness and coming to terms with the separation of “alone” and “lonely.”

“In My Life” includes morbid, key-heavy instrumentation from Grant Evans, the production working to compliment the delivery of Zhero’s quick and powerful commentary.

Press play on the self-edited visual experience, filmed by Matthew Cyr, below.

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