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Listen Now: Zhero - Another Sad Song [prod. Matthew Cyr]

How’s my guy Zhero going to cook up such a fun, captivating sad song? Felt like an oxymoron the whole time I listened ’cause I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Between Zhero’s top-shelf songwriting, coupled with his pristine delivery, and Matthew Cyr’s instrumentation, everything about “Another Sad Song” fills me with happiness – these are some slept on artists right here, and I love watching the work they continue to put in to their music.

“Another Sad Song” is a vibey, atmospheric anthem highlighted by Zhero’s poignant, emotive crooning. It’s a nice contrast to the Valentine’s Day energy that has been floating around, the timing of the new drop certainly no coincidence.

In addition to the audio, Zhero and Cyr put together an accompanying visual experience that you can check out below.

Press play on “Another Sad Song”.

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