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Listen Now: Yung Tory - Lola (feat. Lauren Sanderson)

Gotta keep it a buck – I was unfamiliar with Yung Tory until this joint. And I’m still in the early stages of my relationship with Lauren Sanderson’s music. But after catching the wave of “In My Head” earlier this summer, I’ve made it a point to peep whatever work I can from the independent as hell artist. So, when I saw her promo of this collab, it wasn’t long before I had “Lola” coming through the speakers.

“Lola” finds life on Yung Tory’s Still Here project, a recently released 6-track EP. The record features a striking juxtaposition of two unique styles that come together on wax to form a majestic fidelity of balanced energies. On paper, this shit should clash. But, man, Tory and Lauren do anything but, blending the powerful vocals of Sanderson with the emotive delivery of Tory. Over the course of “Lola,” listeners get similar sentiment from both artists, presented in wildly contrasting fashions. And it results in an engaging bop of a cut that’ll leave you dancing between vibes and deep thought.

Sanderson kicks the track off with her intoxicating vocals, which manage to capture, keep and direct the attention of the listener. From the jump, you’ll find yourself immersed in the story at hand, setting the stage for Yung Tory to come through with a trap-infused, raspy drawl. When Tory takes the wheel, you’ll be sitting in the passenger seat as he flips the pages of the story with his chopped up delivery, painting scenes with his lexicon.

“Lola” features brooding and vibrant production, the instrumentation wrapping Tory and Lauren in an enigmatic aura that serves to set the stage for their lyrical content. A ride in and of itself, the production dips and weaves between vibe-laden knocks and thought-provoking calmness.

Keeping on with the honesty, I hit up this EP to hear “Lola.” But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to sticking around for the entirety of Still Here. Sometimes, I pigeonhole myself into a certain genre – or arena – of music, forgetting how eclectic my appreciation has the potential to be. Still Here helped remind me how much dope exists in the ever expansive landscape of music.

Press play on “Lola” below and enjoy Still Here here. While you’re at it, enjoy the visuals for “Said You Love Me” after the stream.

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