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Watch Now: YelloPain - Stay Home [prod. SuperstarO]

After experiencing “My Vote Don’t Count” at the start of the year, I spent as much time as possible digging through whatever music and videos I could find from YelloPain. With each press of play, I was blown away by the depth of content this man was bringing to life – powerful, thought-provoking and painfully, beautifully raw. Each record not only sounded dope but carried with it a story and a message. It became clear quite quickly that YelloPain had a gift and he was using it to spread light, awareness and information with his listeners.

Today, YelloPain has shared “Stay Home,” a wonderfully optimistic yet honest acceptance of the ongoing quarantine that has emerged alongside COVID-19. The new record paints a picture that will undoubtedly be relatable to most anyone who watches, telling Yello’s story of initially viewing the virus as a joke until the day it hit too close to home. As we all learn to deal with what is taking place in our own way, YelloPain encourages people to use this opportunity to reset and refocus on what is truly important in our lives. Whether we want to be or not, we should be staying home right now. The days may roll together, life may become tedious and even more routine than before, but our ability and willingness to stay home plays a profound role in what tomorrow looks like.

“Stay Home” acknowledges the darkness of what’s going on but, rather than sit in that darkness, YelloPain uses it as a moment for reflection, flipping the perceived negative into a positive. Who knows when we will have the chance to live as slowed down as we are now – accept it and make the most of it. If you’re creating, reading, reconnecting with old friends, working out, cooking…the list of “stay home” activities is truly endless so long as you’re able to capitalize on this moment in time for what it is.

SuperstarO provides the production for “Stay Home,” cloaking YelloPain’s prose in an uplifting and empowering anthem. It captures the yin and yang of our reality, emerging as a vibey bop in the process.

Shot and directed by YelloPain, the accompanying visual features the artist taking part in different activities around his house. The video is fun, silly and endearing, while still taking time to further the message of the song. Don’t spend so much time focusing on what you can’t do – instead, turn your attention to what you can do that time or lack of time may have prevented before all this began.

If you are able, consider supporting YelloPain by purchasing some gear from his store.

Press play below.

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