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Watch Now: XV - I Need Color [prod. Seven]

Watch Now: XV - I Need Color [prod. Seven]

Man, when XV stepped back into the spotlight last year following a lengthy hiatus…I’m not quite sure how to express how happy it made me. I can still vividly remember seeing his name as a featured artist on Murs’ A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable. And I was floored – not to say I hadn’t remained hopeful over the years, but I didn’t know if we’d ever hear Vizzy on wax again.

Fast forward to today, and the enigmatic artist out of Wichita, Kansas has blessed his loyal fans with two new projects that serve to showcase the things we fell in love with all those years ago while also shining a radiant light on the growth and evolution of the man they call Vizzy. As his story continues to be told through his words, and as his journey through this life continues to unfold, one thing now seems certain: XV is back and he’s more motivated than ever to add a bit of color to the world.

“I Need Color” marks the first visual experience from XV in over 7 years. Shit like that makes me smh at how crazy time is – all the memories of Everybody’s Nobody, Popular Culture, Zero Heroes, 30 Minute Layover…it feels like yesterday these projects were providing the soundtrack to my life. I honestly can’t wrap my head around the fact these tapes were playing me through my early 20s. AND that it’s been 7 years since XV dropped a music video.

Times flies. We grow, we evolve, we fall down, we get back up and the world keeps on spinning. And every now and then, your life is touched by an artist who makes music that speaks to your soul on a deeper level. For myself, and so many others, Vizzy cooked up the records that made the nerds feel cool – we may not “fit in” but we found a home within the comforting and relatable content of XV’s prose.

With “I Need Color,” XV calls upon some Jim Carrey-esque energy for the Seven-laced Day Ones cut. The world can be a dark place and it becomes easy to fall into the trap of negative energy, depression and a lack of self-confidence. “I Need Color” begins with somber production and reflective lyrics until the beat kicks in with amplified energy as XV’s flow erupts with impassioned delivery. Throughout the record, Vizzy fills the sonic landscape with a casual and laid back yet wildly emotive flow – he’s mindful and aware, counting his blessings and learning through all of life’s lessons.

Filmed in his hometown, the AK²-directed video is mostly black and white until XV – and some slick edits – brings vibrant colors to the flick. Over the course of the visual, viewers witness as XV recites his poetry around Wichita, adding splashes of smoke-like hues to fill the shots. It’s a powerful testimony to the medicinal essence of music, art, creation and, perhaps most importantly, discovering the internal light that forever flickers within our souls.

I’m all the way here for this video, these recent projects and all the music and work XV has on the way.

Welcome back, Vizzy.

Day Ones and The Dude with the Strap Back Dad Hat are available now on all your favorite streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Press play below.

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