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Stream: Wrex Mason - Taurus Moon

Sometimes, when I’m writing about people I consider friends, it’s difficult for me to separate myself from the individual and focus solely on the content at hand. When you factor in the length of time I’ve known – and been listening to – certain artists, all of this becomes amplified. For better or worse, I’ve had the pleasure of building relationships with a growing number of creatives since first dipping my toes in the blogosphere all the way back in 2012. As the years roll by, I find myself encountering the biased bridge that separates the artist from the individual on a more regular basis – in all honesty, it has not become any easier for me to write about one while leaving the other in the background.

What I’ve discovered, however, is this area I once considered a trial is, more often than not, a blessing. It allows me to take into account and juxtapose different layers that build upon one another to make up the wholeness of an individual. We tend to look at an artist and see their art – the content they share with the world – as the end all be all of who that human being is. In doing so, we overlook all the other factors that forge together in the head, heart, spirit and physical of any given person inhabiting this world. We may hear a song, and that song may reveal glimpses into someone’s soul, but there is an endless stream of interwoven realities that come together to shape said artist’s existence.

You see, I’ve known Wrex Mason for the better part of six years, having first met at the infamous THESIS Night that took place in Hartford on January 3rd, 2014. Over the course of the years that have passed since that fateful evening, I’ve amassed plenty of opportunities to build with Wrex – we’ve stayed close, we’ve drifted apart, etc., etc. What I can say without question is that Wrex Mason is a complex, passionate and multidimensional young man. With Taurus Moon, Wrex has demonstrated the intricate layers of his personal and artistic self in a way all of his previous releases fell short of.

And no, that is certainly not a shot at Wrex’s past work. But Wrex Mason is more than just the sum of his musical endeavors.

Taurus Moon exemplifies the depth of the man behind the music.

Beyond sounding good and above lyrical mastery, my favorite listening experience comes from actually hearing the growth of someone’s artistry. It’s why (well, one of the reasons why) I’m such a Kanye stan. Fuck playing it safe – when you press play and it becomes strikingly evident the artist is taking chances, not for the sake of being different but because they are ready to push whatever they are working on to the next level – that’s what takes a “good” piece of music and makes it great. The eclectic soundscape that is Taurus Moon, one that forges together into a unique, vibrant and transcendental project, shines a radiant light on the personal and artistic growth Wrex has been striving towards since first beginning his production journey some 16 years ago. From start to finish, listeners receive the most well-rounded and complete collection of music from Wrex they’ve heard yet.

Key word: yet.

There is a very specific aura encompassing the entirety of Taurus Moon. It’s one that exists without description – it’s there, you can’t name it or put your finger on anything tangible. But it’s there, and you’ll feel it the whole way through. Wrex takes listeners on a true journey through sound, telling vivid stories through the ebb and flow of the instrumentation. Close your eyes while you sit with Taurus Moon, experience the turbulent waves and cast yourself off into the world that is so elaborately created and unraveled before your very ears. The music is shadowy yet stimulating – a luminous darkness cradles the album, erupting at times in a calm and peaceful manner.

A lot has changed for Wrex since the release of Aquarius Sun. Steps forward, steps backward, blessings and lessons, new opportunities, loss, life altering experiences. And all of this is only a fragment of what has shaped the man into who he is today. With Taurus Moon, listeners get the most revealing presentation of who Wrex Mason is, was and will be.

Taurus Moon is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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