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‘Wishing Well’ By Nate Lundy Is About A Love That Happened At The Wrong Time


Nate Lundy is an independent artist and up-and-coming act out of St. Pete / Tampa Bay, Florida area. With the help of 3 local musicians, Nate can make his full live sound come to life and the stage. The summer has always ‘just begun’ when his tunes start to play. No matter what exact season you are in.

‘Wishing Well’ is about a love that was meant to be but happened at the wrong time. The song is about wishing the person good luck and happiness in their life ahead. Lundy describes his sound as “Indie beach rock with an alternative and shoegaze twist at times”.

The shimmer in Nate’s writing abilities cast no ill will towards the future – as his confidence in tackling the unknown is just part of the story. Music has been with him throughout his life and it will be for a long time to come.


Listen to Nate Lundy’s ‘Wishing Well’ on Youtube and Soundcloud

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