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Watch Now: Will Evans - Rise (Sugarshack Pop-Up)

Man, you’d be hard-pressed to find an artist with the looping skills to match Will Evans. The Rhode Island-based Evans has shared his musical medicine alongside Barefoot Truth and as a solo artist, spreading a message of love, compassion and internal healing with each step. After releasing the powerful RISE in 2018, Evans has spent a decent amount of time on the road with Trevor Hall. Now, thanks to the wonderful people at Sugarshack, fans get to experience a pop-up performance of “Rise” that took place in St. Petersburg, FL at the Reggae Rise Up Music Festival earlier this year.

Sans Mihali and Paul Izak, Will dances with his pedals as he simultaneously brings his guitar to life. With the track looping to new dimensions, Evans fills the sonic landscape with an impassioned delivery that emerges from the depths of his being. “Rise” is a call to mindfulness, awareness, accountability and the forging of a remembered connection to the Mother. It truly sounds like a song of ceremony; an offer of gratitude to all our relations.

While you’re here, it’s worth noting that I love covering the content manifested by Sugarshack. That being said, they are constantly sharing new visuals – if you want to stay up on everything Sugarshack, be sure to subscribe to their YouTube. Maybe someday I’ll be able to write about each new drop from the Sugarshack family, but in the meantime I suggest hitting subscribe and following their socials.

RISE is available now on all major streaming platforms and in physical form via Will’s official website.

Catch the vibes below.

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