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Watch Now: Will Evans - Restless Spirit (Sugarshack Sessions)

Ooh, baby! Nothing quite like a little musical blessing from the one and only Will Evans to get your week off to a lovely start. And when it’s coming in the form of a Sugarshack Session, you know it’s going to hit all that much sweeter. You add in a touch of didgeridoo and that cake is iced to perfection.


Evans joins the Sugarshack crew for a wondrously vibrant acoustic performance of “Restless Spirit,” complete with top-shelf looping that layers the didge with guitar, beat boxing and those emotive vocals his fans have come to know and love. All in all, it’s a one healing explosion of a jam session that’ll strike you in the head, heart and spirit with the most pristine of medicinal vibes.

“Restless Spirit” serves as a testament to the importance of following your heart – finding that internal light and fanning it with whatever your passion is until it’s burning bright. As the song states, “fear halts more dreams than failure ever will.” And if that line alone isn’t enough to give you goosebumps and motivate you to pick yourself up after you fall, then just run the track back a couple times. Because “Restless Spirit” carries with it a message we all need to be reminded of.

Catch the vibes below.

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