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‘Vroom’ By SUPERLOVE is likely to take you on a ride


Born in Colorado, Denver Rapper SUPERLOVE (John Morse) has released his debut album HEARTPORN and is raising ears all over the globe. His style is a mashup of different genres, always leaving the listener hungry for more.

20K monthly listeners on Spotify are rapidly growing as his new album HEARTPORN continues to buzz around the world. ‘Vroom’ is a testament to SUPERLOVE’s growth as an artist as it shows his versatility and ability to adapt and stay present in today’s quickly evolving music scene.

SUPERLOVE derives influence and inspiration from Young Thug to Rage Against The Machine, he is also a big fan of Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, and Dr. Dre. He shares “Growing up listening to r&b singers like SWV and Robin S. with my mom has had a huge influence on my love for singing and has influenced me to create more singing songs.” 

SUPERLOVE considers social media as one of the best tools for a music artist, if not the best tool to utilize today. He says “It allows artists to connect with fans all over the world with the click of a button and advertisement is easier than ever. When you know your music is being received well it makes you want to push harder and make the best music possible.”

Listen to SUPERLOVE’S ‘Vroom’ on Youtube


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