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Watch Now: Vel The Wonder - Ice Cream [prod. Dj Skizz]

Kicking confident prose with a tantalizing delivery, Vel The Wonder floats through with some smooth flowing spoken word in the form of “Ice Cream.” There’s something so comforting listening to the soft yet self-assured vocals emerge from Vel’s physical – it’s like a chill dap up followed by a warm embrace coming at you in a sonic manifestation.

“Ice Cream” features a little bit of self-love, a little bit of crew love and a little bit of homage paid to the elders who helped pave the way. And it comes complete with a visually captivating treatment, full of colors and scenes that pop from the screen. As the fresh delivery of Vel’s prose couples with the hypnotic visual, “Ice Cream” locks you in and leaves you hooked from start to finish.

Props to Dj Skizz for lacing Vel’s joint with a touch of light, cool jazz. Wrapped in the instrumentation, “Ice Cream” blossoms into a wonderful listening experience that’s sure to leave a smile on your face.

Press play below.

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