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Listen Now: Vee Skeeno - Moscow Freestyle [prod. Fravo]

Vee Skeeno has been one of my favorite CT-based artists to follow since my ears were opened to the ever-growing spectrum of talent that exists within the state’s borders. Whether he was rocking with The Voyagers, collabing with Andre Jakai or doing his solo thing, Skeeno has always come through with sharp lyricism that couples flawlessly with the enigmatic aura that emanates from within and around him.

While most emcees come through with a heavy load of braggadocious content, Vee Skeeno does so in a way that carries with it a strong sense of believability. When he laces the production with “cocky” bars, it never feels as though he’s doing it because it’s a common hip-hop trope – rather, Skeeno knows and believes how talented he is. As a result of his actual talent and his self-confidence, the listener is even more prone to recognizing the gifted artistry that is Vee Skeeno.

Making the music even more captivating is Skeeno’s ability to juxtapose his arrogance with sadness, despair and the depression that comes along with maneuvering through life’s struggles. His music is not all “sad boy” and it’s not all “pompous” – finding a fine balance, Vee Skeeno creates music that sounds and feels very real and honest. Whether listeners are actively aware of it or not, this allows his audience to more easily connect with and relate to Skeeno’s art.

On “Moscow Freestyle”, Vee Skeeno cruises over Fravo’s smooth, jazzy, key-heavy production with a brusquely imperious delivery. Again showcasing his ability to appeal to a wide range of listeners, Skeeno is able to deliver his music with a modern sound and style while still rapping like he was living in the so-called “golden” boom-bap era.

With “Moscow Freestyle” out now, hopefully we get more work from Skeeno sooner rather than later. Hit play below.

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