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Watch Now: UMI - Picture Perfect

It’s been about a year now since I started listening to UMI and I become increasingly enchanted by the talented songstress with each new release. There’s something so enthralling about the work she puts out, from the vocals to the production and the accompanying visuals. It’s evident she takes her time with each piece she liberates, and the attention to detail couples with her vocal prowess to result in fully engaging listening and viewing experiences.

“Picture Perfect” is the latest release from the Seattle-bred and LA-based creative. If you’ve ever wondered what a dream would be like manifested in musical and visual form, “Picture Perfect” paints a rather fine representation. From start to finish, the new release hits listeners in the feels thanks to the relatable nature of UMI’s content and the airy, floating vocals she uses to present her prose. Her lyrical content is wrapped ever so gently in the light instrumentation that comes courtesy of Yakob and Singawd, adding to the dreamy essence as UMI offers up the soliloquy of streaming consciousness.

The record plays like an inner dialogue – a conversation UMI has with herself, although the energy is directed at an individual who used to hold space in her life. It’s a mournful reflection that stays grounded in a mindful, self-aware healing process – UMI is acknowledging the “what ifs” but accepting of the fact they are mere illusions in the here and now that is her life.

Directed by Joce and choreographed by UMI and her visual antagonist, VJ Vea, “Picture Perfect” features hypnotic movements that add layered dimensions to the video treatment. Through the choreography, viewers get a sense of the veneered emotions that forge together to form the whole of “Picture Perfect” – there’s sensuality, confusion, turmoil, running away while being pulled back in and a range of other elements. It’s a wonderful representation of escaping what was in order to step into the light of her own inner-self.

“Picture Perfect” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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