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Watch Now: UMI - Mother [prod. Yakob, Fwd & LosHendrix]

There is something so comforting about the vocal presence of UMI, who has continued to shine with each new record she shares with the world. Her soft yet powerful voice couples with the intention of her delivery, resulting in a warm sonic embrace every time she graces a track. With her latest release, “Mother,” UMI pens a thought-provoking, multipurpose ode in honor of Mother Earth.

Featuring wise words from her own mother, “Mother” begins with a proposal that Earth has been speaking to us yet we don’t slow down and listen to her gentle messages. Now, She is giving the inhabitants of this planet a lesson. The Earth quite literally provides us with the life force energy and unconditionally nurtures and nourishes our existence – in return, we take from her without thinking twice about excess, greed or offering gratitude. “Mother” serves as an ode to the Earth but you could most certainly also listen to the song and experience it as a serenade of one’s own birth mother. This comes as no surprise when you take some time to think about the interwoven relationship between mother and Earth.

“Mother” elegantly portrays the relationship that exists between us, as physical beings on the planet, and Earth. It’s at times heartbreaking to take into account – and hold ourselves accountable – for the ways we turn around and treat the giving Mother. And yet she continues to allow us to live, breath and take from her. Through UMI’s airy vocals, listeners are cradled into an enchanting trance as the songstress sings to and about Mother Earth. With everything going on in the world – and not just given today’s circumstances – “Mother” becomes a call to action; a hopeful reminder to slow down, be grateful and not take as if there will always be more. We must love and tend to Mother Earth as she continues to love us.

The new song comes complete with a breathtaking visual that features UMI and her mother, backed by the pure beauty of Earth as the backdrop. It’s impossible not to smile as you witness the two of them standing proudly in the love they have for each other – it’s pure, unabashed and authentic in every way. Directed by UMI and Joce, “Mother” also showcases gorgeous imagery of the nature and wildlife that add to Earth’s beauty.

“Mother,” which was released on Earth Day, is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Press play below.

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