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Twin Charade Turns the World Upside Down on Their Song ‘Paradise in Reverse’


A dynamic duo of storytellers, Twin Charade creates dramatic rock music to feed their audience’s imagination. This quirky band is composed of Joshua Pivato and Alex Katchkan. Their character names are Valentino and Jester, respectively.

Their cinematic and catchy alternative pop-rock sound stands for the autonomy of the artist and the expression of the soul. Genre-blending is a staple to their style. They share, “Our sound is a genre-blend of hard rock, pop, metal, movie soundtrack, and EDM. It’s visual music”.

The pair’s latest single ‘Paradise in Reverse’ is a dreamy and atmospheric alternative-rock track that features a generous dash of EDM. It has thought-provoking lyrics pertinent to the times we are living in. Twin Charade summarizes the sound of the song as “melodic, ambient, and danceable”.

The song asks the question “Is our paradise being turned upside down?”. It chants for the world to “come back to life… to be free”. Sonically, this track has theatrical elements and a moody atmosphere that will attract both artists and dreamers alike. Twin Charades’ debut album ‘The Circus’ is out now.


Listen to Twin Charade’s ‘Paradise in Reverse’ on YouTube.


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