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Listen Now: Trevor Hall - Strength In One (feat. Dirtwire)

With a tour on the horizon, Trevor Hall and Dirtwire began planting the seeds that would eventually – and rather rapidly – blossom into “Strength In One.” Now, as the MOON / SUN tour continues to spread good energy across the country, the collaboration between Hall and the futuristic, back porch whirlwind of a jam band is officially out and available for your listening pleasure.

The new record is a vibe-laden anthem that finds its foundation in togetherness – listeners can bask in the song’s radiating sonic beauty while coming together under its tribal calls for unity. Regardless of what is going on within and without you, no matter how tumultuous or divisive the world around you may feel, by uniting under the blanket of love we can work together to forge a path of compassion, understanding and peace. Indeed, it is only by removing the veil of separation – eliminating the illusion of “us versus them” – that we are able to progress towards a better tomorrow and a universal, love-fueled consciousness.

It’s only appropriate that a song centered in unity features vast layers of instrumentation coming together in such lovely fidelity. As the harmonica, guitars, banjo, drums and more dance in synchronicity with Hall’s otherworldly vocals, “Strength In One” is as enjoyable as it is necessary. Upon pressing play, you’ll want to dance with friends beneath the warm rays of the sun – but you’ll also want to begin constructing bridges with strangers, in order to unite worlds and welcome in the start of a new beginning.

“Strength In One” is available now on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Listen to “Strength In One” below.

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