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Listen Now: Trevor Hall - More Than Love

As the September 25th liberation of In And Through The Body approaches, Trevor Hall lets one last single slip from the vault. Following the release of “Fire On Your House” earlier this summer, “More Than Love” rolls through like a breath of fresh air as the seasons begin to change and the cooler weather emerges.

“More Than Love” is an ethereal record, with Hall’s soft yet emotive delivery transmitting a prose that examines the divinity of devotion and love. Over the course of the new song, Trevor paints vivid images of an authentic companionship – the highest of highs and the darkness of the struggles. Through it all, Hall and his muse thrive through the inevitable challenges and forge a path together into the light. Far from a Hallmark portrayal of love, “More Than Love” is a representation of a bond that transcends labels, definitions and the limitations of our physical existence. Like two spirits reunited in this incarnation to live out a karmic and cosmic contract, Hall’s latest takes listeners on a journey through time and space while keeping his feet planted firmly in the human experience.

Backed by the rolling tide of the soothing production, Trevor floats over the track – it’s comforting and peaceful, all the while reaching into the depths of his headspace and heart space. And that’s what unconditional love – a love that goes beyond “love” – has the power to manifest in the lives of those who are blessed enough to drop into it. It’s a calming sensation that comes with the knowing that, no matter what, you and your tag-team partner have each other to hold space through the highs, lows and everything in between and beyond.

“More Than Love” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. In addition to the new single, Trevor has unique merch bundles in support of In And Through The Body for sale via his official website. And, while you’re at it, take some time to read the Hxppy Thxxghts Interview with Trevor Hall from earlier this year.

Experience the music below.

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