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Watch Now: Trevor Hall - Karma (Live)

Captured by Sugarshack during a MOON / SUN performance, the already magical “Karma” comes to life as Trevor Hall is joined by Will Evans and the band at The Music Farm in Charleston, South Carolina. Like the song, the performance begins in a reflective and comforting fashion before erupting with vibrant energy that wraps “Karma” in a mystical embrace.

“Karma”, which finds life on Hall’s The Fruitful Darkness, came to fruition while the artist was studying stars and become more aware about the various patterns he found himself stuck in. Through his studies, Trevor was able to return to a place of Loving Awareness as those patterns revealed themselves enough to be named. As such, “Karma” is rooted in the act of naming and letting go. One of the most beautiful characteristics of Hall’s musical medicine is his use of personal experiences to share lessons with all those who listen – beyond the enchanting sonic foundation, we find teachings and more that have the potential to guide us towards our own light and a deeper understanding of the self and the physical and spiritual world around us.

In life, we often find ourselves trapped in the doubt that is manifested through negative thoughts and the words that flow as a result. This negativity creates cycles – the very cycles Hall eludes to in the song. While we possess the power to radiate Love and light, our tendency to become trapped in the cycles of the ego cause a river of – for lack of a better term – icky energy to flow from within. To truly experience life and all the beautiful blessings Creator has, is and will place before us and within us, we need to break those cycles. Of course, breaking the cycles is easier said than done. It takes work – but that work is more than possible if we’re willing to show up for ourselves.

With “Karma,” Hall speaks on finding a balance and recognizing that life is a cycle in and of itself, one that flows between the circumstances we often perceive as “good” and “bad.” Rather than get overly caught up in the harder of times, it’s helpful to accept those experiences for what they are – lessons and opportunities for growth. No matter what you’re going through, it won’t always be this good and it can’t always be that bad – life will simply be. Life, like all of us, is a divine harmony of both light and darkness, fire and water, masculine and feminine. Learn to flow with life – all of life – rather than allow it to take you under when difficult times arise. Through Hall’s engaging lyrics and impassioned delivery, this ancient wisdom is brought to modern times, blanketed within the engaging confines of his music.

The Fruitful Darkness is available now on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. Physical copies are available on Hall’s official website, along with more music and merch.

Experience “Karma” below.

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