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Watch Now: Trevor Hall - Jupiter's Call (feat. Will Evans)

Trevor Hall gifted Villagers with an impromptu, Will Evans-featured performance of “Jupiter’s Call” last month, liberating a breathtaking visual shot by his beloved, Emory Hall, from atop Crater Lake in Oregon.

Filmed while Hall was on tour this Fall, the acoustic jam session is an airy, upliftingly dulcet presentation of the Fruitful Darkness record. The simple, grounding and inspiring song finds a sense of relatability in it’s personal nature, as Trevor’s music has a tendency to do. Tucked gently beneath the comfort of Hall’s melodic delivery, listeners are able to discover the powerful lessons and messages shared through the song’s lyrical content.

The addition of Will Evans, who shared the stage with Trevor throughout the tour, resulted in a magical rendition of “Jupiter’s Call”, highlighted by the spontaneous energy encompassing the duet. Both artists flow together majestically, building in tandem upon the energy brought forth by the other – there’s a brotherhood on display in the video, serving as a symbol of the type of unity both artists cover in their extensive catalogues. The realness behind the smile and laugh shared by Hall and Evans at the conclusion of the video is felt by the viewer, a testimony to the emotion drawn from the subconscious throughout the song and video.

When Mother Earth is as naturally awe-inspiring as She is, there’s no better backdrop to feature in your music video. Trevor Hall respects and gets this, the beauty Earth frequently serving as the primary source of imagery for Hall’s videos. With a static, illuminated view highlighting the natural gifts that exist around us, Hall and Evans are free to allow the music to speak through them – and the viewers are able to experience the music and the backdrop in their purest, most uncut incarnations.

Trevor’s Fruitful Darkness is available now via your favorite streaming services and on his official website.

Enjoy “Jupiter’s Call” below.

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