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Listen Now: Trevor Hall - Fire On Your House

Well, there is an elephant in the room and if you’re dancing around the musical community Trevor Hall frequents, you are already aware of it. Whether or not “Fire On Your House” is wholly intended to call attention to that elephant or not is not for me to say. However, I do believe Trevor is mindful enough to know his latest record would end up being connected to the situation at hand.

Now, I’m not one to speak on circumstances I don’t know the full story behind. And, when it comes to the recent – and not so recent – allegations brought forth against Nahko, I am not in any place to cast judgement. That said, I do stand behind the victims and survivors – in this situation and any others. The voices and the stories deserve to be heard. At the same time, I believe “cancel culture” is as toxic as the actions behind those being “cancelled.” As a society, we need more space for healing and forgiveness. Yes, we absolutely need accountability and justice and truth. But we also need to leave our hearts and minds open to allow for a world of healing, forgiveness and growth. It’s a tricky slope to walk upon – I know this. But “cancel culture” serves nobody in the grander scheme of things.

Let me step off my soap box and return to the powerful music at hand…

“Fire On Your House” is the third release from Trevor this year as he continues to roll-out his forthcoming album. The new music follows Hall’s Brett Dennen-featured “Put Down What You Are Carrying” and the more recent “My Own.” With each release, listeners get to experience the prolific Hall venture deeper into the wondrous realm of sonic exploration. Always growing and always evolving, Trevor continues to push his artistic boundaries and dip his toes into new arenas of sound and expression. If you’ve been on the Trevor Train for a while, this is an exciting ride to witness. And if you’re new to Hall’s medicine, you’ve joined the journey at a beautiful time (though I would certainly recommend digging through his previous drops to gain a deeper appreciation for the more recent shifts in his stylings).

Although Trevor’s latest will certainly be tied and connected to recent events and accusations, it runs much deeper. The song is a powerful and vibrant expression and lesson in accountability, karma and frustration. Backed by thunderous instrumentation, Hall radiates forth with emotive and passionate vocals as he comes to terms with the necessity of letting go of one approach – perhaps the love all, serve all mentality – in order to let the fire burn as it will. We can try and try to reach people with peace and love, but at the end of the day, each individual is responsible for their own path and their own karma. Eventually, we must step back and allow for God’s Divine will to play out – we are just dancers, moving to His mystical vibrations.

Whether “Fire On Your House” is intended to speak on a specific situation or not, the song serves as an explosive reminder to each listener that we must focus on who we are, what we are doing and how our voices, thoughts, actions and intentions ripple out into the vastness of the Universe. We are each responsible for the person – and the spirit – staring back whenever we cast our eyes on the reflection in the mirror. The will of Creator and the karma of the Universe will unfold as it will – it’s all written in the stars.

“Fire On Your House” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. If you want to hear more insight and reflection, be sure to check out the Hxppy Thxxghts Interview with Trevor Hall from earlier this year.

Press play below.

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