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Watch Now: Tobe Nwigwe - What It's For (Live)

I was a little caught off guard when there wasn’t a new #getTWISTEDsundays uploaded over the weekend but all is well as Houston-based Tobe Nwigwe liberates a live performance of “What It’s For“, a joint originally released in 2017. With Nell, who provided production on the original release, standing stoically on the sidelines, Tobe proceeds to passionately deliver the track supported by a four-piece band behind him. Throughout the performance there is such a natural progression of energy, as the record starts off slightly subdued with intermittent yet thunderous strikes from the band. Before long, both Tobe and the musicians are erupting with unabashed vehemence, filling the gymnasium in which they’re performing with powerful, moving exuberance.

The aptly titled “What It’s For” details bits and pieces of where and what Tobe has risen from, including personal accounts of the people in his life that have impacted his journey here in the physical. His words, noticeably radiating with authenticity, poetically identify the forces driving him forward on his current path – we not only learn why, we feel why Nwigwe is doing what it is he’s embarked upon.

From his prose, listeners are also given a lesson – based on firsthand experience – that displays the power of a vision when that vision is coupled with a true willingness to do the necessary work. We are not defined by our environment or our circumstances; we are defined by the choices we make and the work we are willing to put in to reaching, and continuously surpassing, whatever goals we set. You can take the easy route and continue making excuses, but that will result in a hard life. Tobe leads by example, taking the more difficult path, one that is littered with hard work, sacrifice and personal accountability. But it’s the hard path – if one refuses to surrender – that will lead to a happy life.

If this live visual has you wanting to catch an entire concert from Tobe and his team, then be on the lookout for an upcoming show in a city near you. With a 22-date tour on the horizon, ticket info is available here.

Press play on the Nate Edwards-directed video below.

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