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Watch Now: Tobe Nwigwe - Shine (feat. Madeline Edwards, David Michael Wyatt & Luke Whitney) [prod. LaNell Grant] (#theLIVEexperience)

Man, this one feels like gospel…silky smooth gospel, coming at us live courtesy of each and every artist involved.

“Shine (#theLIVEexperience)” might be the purest display of what Tobe Nwigwe and this ever growing movement represents. Despite the lack of fiery lyrical delivery, the internal and external emotions “Shine” is sure to draw from the audience brings to life the authenticity of the heart and soul driving this train forward. Praise God for this man finding his purpose and praise God for each individual adding their unique talents to the equation, helping to make the light shine even brighter.

I could rack my brain looking for the right words to describe “Shine,” but let’s just call a spade a spade – this one is beautiful. Press play and really let the layered vocals from Tobe, Madeline Edwards, David Michael Wyatt and Luke Whitney hit you. ‘Cause this one hits and it honestly hits a little different; something like medicine that resonates deep in your mind, body and soul. And, obviously, LaNell Grant laced the OG version but hearing her sync up with Aldarian Mayes (drums), Nic Humes (keys), Nick Fouryn and Jeremiah McConico (guitar) on #theLIVEexperience of “Shine” truly is an experience.

And dog…dawg. DAWG! Just watch and take visual joy in how these Queens not only match their movements to the sonic delivery but actually continue the story telling through their choreography. Dance is a powerful messenger and Black Angels Collective do the heavenly thing, bringing “Shine” to vibrant life as they grace the visual experience with their enchanting, hypnotic presence. Daps, pounds and praise to LaKesha Soul, Carmen Jones and Lexx.

Live EP on the way. NPR Tiny Desk on the horizon. All your music and merch available here.

Enjoy “Shine” below.

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