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Watch Now: Tobe Nwigwe - Searching [prod. LaNell Grant]

Tobe Nwigwe has a no days off work ethic. Even in the midst of touring the country, the Houston-based artist used an “off” day to map out and execute the vision that has now been manifested in the form of the most recent #getTWISTEDsundays release. A supposed off day was flipped into a productive 24 hours that saw the team – including a quite pregnant Fat – assemble, the verse recorded, the necessary roads traveled and the visual captured in all its raw beauty.

“Searching”, beyond the music itself, is yet another blueprint from Tobe on how you take your visions and goals and turn them into your reality. Yes, the music is dope. But the lessons layered within the execution of the content itself is perhaps most noteworthy of all.

No days off. You could be the most talented individual in the world at whatever you do – rapping, writing, teaching, dancing, sports, cooking, etc. – but if you don’t back up that talent with unmatched work ethic, then a “less” talented individual will out work you and be more successful. There is little doubt Tobe, Fat and everyone else involved most likely would have loved to kick their feet up, bask in the after-glow of a string of sold-out shows, and take the day to rest up. Instead, they got their asses up, constructed another piece of top-shelf content, and executed. Talent is one thing. But your work ethic is where the separation between good and great is established. Imagine, then, what is in store for someone like Tobe Nwigwe who balances both skill and work ethic, while continuously pushing himself to even higher peaks.


As we’ve come to see with each release, “Searching” is a demonstration in the teamwork making the dream work. In order for “Searching” to find life, Nate Edwards – who deserves the proper daps and pounds for all the visual work we’ve come to love – was flown into Colorado. Along with Nate, Cory – who continues to be living his best life – came through with Tobe’s mobile set-up, which allowed the verse to be recorded (and more). And we see wondrously designed costumes featured in the video, only possible thanks to the assist from Alessandro Trincone. You also have to take into account the mixing, mastering, closed captioning and filming – all possible thanks to a team. As Tobe has stated in interviews, everything that is happening is happening at the level it is because people on the outside believed in the vision and wanted to ride for it. Find yourself a team of people who believe in the vision as strongly as you do and are willing to work as hard as you are to make it a reality.

And then you have Fat, who is truly Tobe’s ride or die. Man, you want to see what pure, raw love looks like? Here it is. No matter how many months pregnant Fat is with their child, she’s out there standing on a frozen lake in Denver Colorado, doing her part to make “Searching” become what it is. Riding for the vision, standing prominently in her power, her glow and her glory.

Tobe had dropped some preliminary previews of “Searching” in March, so it’s definitely nice to see the final product. Although short, clocking in at under two minutes, the video and track are powerful beyond measure – they cover a lot of ground, figuratively and literally, as Tobe delivers his prose with smooth confidence. Throughout the snow covered video, Nwigwe walks across the lake until the shot pans to Fat at his side. Wondrously calculated, the lyrics and image on screen dance in synchronicity as the video comes to a close. There is no wasted space here – every movement, lyric, change in cadence or energy, it is all done with purpose.

LaNell Grant absolutely laces “Searching” with silky instrumental infusion, filling the track with hip-hop vibes while weaving in some light jazz and more. Like the costumes, lyrical content and video, Nell cooks up production that is so intricate – each sound makes sense; it belongs exactly where it is – and her work continues to add something uniquely special to each new drop from Tobe. Nell is, in my humble opinion, one of the nicest behind the boards doing it right now. And, much like with Tobe, in due time the world is going to recognize.

The Extension leg of the ongoing tour concludes on Saturday in Houston. For all music, merch and more from Tobe Nwigwe, head here.

Press play on “Searching” below.

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