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Watch Now: Tobe Nwigwe - Prosper (feat. David Michael Wyatt) [prod. LaNell Grant]

My goodness, there are not many feelings that compare to the genuine euphoria one experiences when they hear new music – like really good new music – for the first time. And this becomes amplified when you hear an artist for the first time and, as you dive deeper into their catalogue, you realize the entirety of what’s already available is composed of beautiful music that educates just as much as it entertains.

After one of Tobe Nwigwe’s #getTWISTEDsundays releases appeared in the list of recommended videos on YouTube a couple weeks back, I’ve been hooked on the captivatingly unique energy brought forth with each new drop. Coming to life thanks to the creative coalition comprised of Nwigwe, Fat (Tobe’s beloved) and Nell, viewers/listeners are opened up to a breathtaking aesthetic that is coupled with an abrasive yet uplifting sound. The ways in which the various layers of each visual jump off the screen, transcending from a simple video into a life all it’s own, is otherworldly.

Watching through previous releases, it’s refreshing to see such commendable teamwork on display – while Tobe may be reciting the prose, both Fat and LaNell are vital components of each composition. From the distinguished instrumentation to the fluent choreography and everything in between and beyond, there’s a communal aspect readily available in each video that allows for the final product to come across as even more powerful than it may otherwise be. The sharing of responsibilities and the elevation of each artist by the other is lovely and welcoming in and of itself. That they all come together to create such stimulating and inspiring content is the icing on the cake.

There is an evident influence of musical pioneers present in Tobe’s content, although it’s clear the Houston-based artist is focused on paving a path of his own. With a gravely voice, one might think Nwigwe’s music could be intimidating or vitriolic. Yet the music, abundant in Heavenly inspiration, has a tendency to send praise to God, showcasing an unwavering faith that never takes a backseat. Delivered with a passion that arises from self-awareness and the aforementioned faith, Tobe’s “Prosper” features intricate, poignant and smooth lyrical content. Despite the vast depth and significance of his wordplay, everything being addressed is easily received – you may rewind the track to experience one of his sharp quips again, but nothing comes off with the intent to be over the listener’s head. Combining and balancing the vastness of his content with an easily understood foundation allows for the music to strike vehemently. “Prosper” begins as a conversation with God and then transitions into an uplifting, eloquent and liberating sermon focused on self-awareness, authenticity and the self-love that stems from these concepts.

With a sonic landscape cooked up by Nell, Nwigwe has the playground upon which he’s able to shine so proficiently. Nell’s gospel-infused production joins forces with an energy founded in liberation, resulting in a beguiling banger of an instrumental overflowing with angelic undertones. If you watch “Prosper” and then check out previous releases from these two, it’s wildly evident how they are supposed to be creating together. It’s truly a match made in artist/producer Heaven, the two playing off each other in order to build the most powerful track possible.

The inclusion of David Michael Wyatt helps tie together the energy of the gospel apparent throughout “Prosper”, as his choir-like vocals fill the church in which the video is set. His singing of the chorus is mesmerizing and his solo at the end of “Prosper” is a welcome conclusion to an already magical listening experience.

For more on Tobe, including additional music and merch, head here.

Press play on “Prosper” below.

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