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Watch Now: Tobe Nwigwe - Ode To Fat (feat. David Michael Wyatt) [prod. LaNell Grant]

Love, of course, is not an easy road to travel. But, when the love is real and when the love is divine, all the challenges, hardships and trials prove to be worth it. Real love – true love – always prevails.

As the visual descends from the Heavens, Tobe Nwigwe begins the dulcet delivery of his prose. With a stoic demeanor, he stands with his Queen, as an enchanting dance installment takes place in the field upon which they stand. Nwigwe chronicles the journey that is his soul connection with Fat while the camera pans out. With “Ode To Fat”, Tobe Nwigwe reveals the blessing from God that is the pregnancy of his wife. And this, he states, is “the most genuine form of happiness [he’s] felt.” From there, the latest #getTWISTEDsundays release is like an angelic embrace from the parents-to-be, the words of Nwigwe containing such an incomparable purity and bliss that it’s near impossible not to catch goosebumps from this release.

Saturated with artistic expression yet never a bit ostentatious, everything about “Ode To Fat” is both sonically and aesthetically beautiful. As all the team’s previous releases have demonstrated, there is a serious level of thought and creativity put into each new visual experience. “Ode To Fat” continues that level of raw expression, showcasing a humble celebration of life and love fit for a true Queen and her King. From the choreography and wardrobe to the various decor featured throughout the video, every scene feels as though it’s serving a specific purpose. There may be a lot going on but nothing feels like wasted movement or wasted space – it’s precise, intricate and well calculated.

The juxtaposition of Nwigwe with David Michael Wyatt’s vocals, as well as the inclusion of the mutual serenade between Tobe and Fat later on in the video, creates a balanced blend of masculine/feminine as well as Heavenly/Earthly energies. It’s an interesting sonic composition – one that I admittedly struggle to find the right words to properly capture – but the vocals feel as though they are multidimensional, weaving between two worlds at once. And LaNell Grant’s production provides Nwigwe, Fat and Wyatt with the chariot on which their vocals are able to ride so smoothly. Like the visual components of “Ode To Fat”, everything just fits and makes sense in regards to the sonic aspects of the new record.

Praise God for the lessons and the blessings. Here’s to health, help and happiness for Tobe, Fat and their baby.

Experience “Ode To Fat” below.

[Edit: Watch “Ode To Fat” on YouTube.]

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