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Watch Now: Tobe Nwigwe - Caged Birds (feat. Nell)

It’s only been about a month that I’ve been listening to – and following – the edutainment that is Tobe Nwigwe and his team. Regardless, in that short span of time, the weekly release has become my most anticipated listening experience. I look forward to hearing and seeing how Tobe’s content, both sonic and visual, manifests every Sunday – from the depth of his lyrics and Nell’s captivating production to the flow of the choreography and the aesthetically striking wardrobe, the weekly dose of #getTWISTEDsundays never fails to capture my attention and leave my mind racing with thoughts and reflections.

“Caged Birds” kicks off with clips from an older interview, the substance of which sets the tone for the subject matter addressed throughout Nwigwe’s prose. The same interview is featured intermittently over the course of this week’s video, meshing with Tobe’s lyrics to help map out the intentions and purpose that drive his music. It’s powerful, moving and eyeopening to discover the level of dedication Nwigwe committed to his craft from the very beginning, giving himself ten years to create weekly content – it wasn’t a matter of doing it for a year and then quitting if things didn’t pop off. The goal is to be global and Nwigwe was determined to make the sacrifices and put in the proper amount of work in order to bring his vision to life.

Tobe also makes clear that he’s blessed to have a team riding with him – a team that goes beyond the prominently featured roles of Nell and Fat. Backed by a growing group of individuals who believe wholeheartedly in a common vision, the music is able to take on greater life thanks to the combined work and dedication of all those who come together to support the movement.

After blessing Nwigwe with an endless supply of heat to lace with his lyrics, Nell steps up to plate on “Caged Birds” to float upon her own production. And, man, what a beautiful moment it is – she flows with such smooth confidence, her stirring delivery capturing the essence of the record and breathing a new energy into the track in it’s own right. The verse from Nell definitely has me looking forward to more features – bars or crooning – from her moving forward.

Both Tobe and Nell find space for their respective verses between the angelic, uplifting and empowering chorus, which wraps everything together into a complete package of pure sonic bliss. It’s a new vibe every week from this team, but the listener is always left with good energy and thought-provoking content.

For information on the upcoming 22-city tour, which kicks off next month, head here.

Experience “Caged Birds” below.

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