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Watch Now: Tobe Nwigwe - Bountiful [prod. LaNell Grant] (#theLIVEexperience)

With LaNell Grant and a backing band of four musicians thunderously paving the way, Tobe Nwigwe flips one of the most prolific #getTWISTEDsundays visual experiences into an explosive live performance. Continuing the seemingly impossible trend of bringing even greater life to his already vibrant records, “Bountiful” is the latest cut to find itself on the receiving end of #theLIVEexperience. And, man, each new drop from Tobe and the team leaves the anticipation for #getTWISTEDsundays [The Live Experience] EP peaking at a somehow higher level.

“Bountiful” knocks hard, with Tobe’s impassioned delivery coupling with the eruption of instrumentation radiating from center field at LeRoy Crump Stadium. While the original video was beautifully composed, stripped down presentations like this stand as a testament to the music’s ability to cement its own purpose and legacy beyond the illuminated costumes and choreography. That’s part of what makes #theLIVEexperience so special – in a sense, it feels like an entirely different and entirely new experience. As always, Tobe’s prose – and LaNell’s untouchable, top-shelf production – are well worth running back…and then running back again and again. Indeed, you’ll need to if you want to catch the full depth of what’s taking place within the weaving layers of “Bountiful.”

Throughout “Bountiful” we experience the balance of Nwigwe, who pieces together an equilibrium of where he came from, where he’s at and what got him here. Listeners find themselves put on to some vital game from Nwigwe, who uses his own experiences to share gems of wisdom with his ever growing audience. Tobe can’t – and won’t – do the work for you, but if you pay attention, apply the lessons and execute, you got yourself a free course load of invaluable insight.

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Press play below.

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