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Watch Now: Tobe Nwigwe - A Snippet of Quintessential Rap [prod. LaNell Grant]

The other day I was listening to a sermon from Eric Thomas – something I’ve been doing regularly for the last year – and was pleased to hear mention of Tobe Nwigwe. It felt like a divine intersection; a crossroads for me personally where two areas of my life merged together into one. The moment was special and I share only because it left me feeling as though I’m on the right track.

So, if you’re ever looking for a little motivation, check out this dude ET.

Back to the subject at hand: another #getTWISTEDsundays from Tobe Nwigwe and the team that’s constantly putting in the necessary work to make the dream work. There are a lot of gifted artists out there who use their voice to spread meaningful messages, filling their music with lessons and various forms of good intentions. But, man, Tobe has a way to masterfully balance the art of entertainment with the art of education. It’s not hard to become enmeshed in his lyrics, the vast depth of which bring the energy of the Heavens to Earth, balancing the two worlds in a finely executed dance.

Finding a way to present his sharp, layered prose in a simple fashion – one that could easily go over listener’s heads but somehow does not – Tobe delivers his content with a calm and stoic demeanor. “A Snippet of Quintessential Rap” serves as the epitome of allowing the natural power of the words to stand on their own, without relying on an overly aggressive presentation. In just over a minute, Tobe’s latest release is overflowing with substance – and the “snippet” nature of the track allows for easy playback time and time again, ensuring the essence of the joint is experienced to its fullest potential.

“A Snippet of Quintessential Rap” features moving production from LaNell Grant, who has quickly become one of my favorite producers. Once again, Nell’s simplistic instrumentation forms an allegiance with Tobe’s delivery, the boom-bap style infused with what sound like indigenous calls. The two artists blend into a union that allows for both the lyrical content and production to reach the highest of sonic peaks.

With a classic shot of Fat twisting Nwigwe’s hair, the visual component of “A Snippet of Quintessential Rap” is pure, raw and authentic. It’s a simple video, allowing the subject matter to shine in the forefront without being overshadowed by any bells or whistles.

Tobe will be hitting the road in March, embarking on a 22-stop tour, so be sure to cop your tickets to experience the music live here.

Press play on “A Snippet of Quintessential Rap” below.

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