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Watch Now: Tobe Nwigwe - 100K (feat. Fat & Luke Whitney) [prod. LaNell Grant] (#theLIVEexperience)

You’ll need more than two hands to count the blessings manifesting in the life of Tobe Nwigwe, Fat, LaNell Grant and their family/team. To say it’s inspiring to watch these artists at work would be an understatement. And to watch them, learn from them and not find joy in their successes and blessings would probably be a sign that one might need to step back and check their ego. Either way, on to the subject at hand: “100K #theLIVEedition.”

From start to finish, the latest from the visionary crew emerges as a celebration – it’s fun, engaging and saturated with an infectious energy. Flipping The Originals joint into a slapping live performance, the track begins with brooding instrumentation before quickly erupting with booming, high voltage delivery and production. Enough credit can never be given to Nell for the sonic foundation she continuously cooks up in order to house the masterful prose of Nwigwe, and it’s always a treat to hear the ways her OG production is given new life through the addition of a band. Over the course of “100K,” listeners are taken on a wild ride through alternating flows, deliveries and switched cadence of instrumentation – it feels like a lot is going on, but everything is synced so smoothly that the entire track stands prominently in its cohesive wholeness.

In this specific instance, it was truly magical and heartwarming to see LaNell blessing the performance with her son cradled in her arms. The movement is a family affair, and it’s clear the love encompassing this family runs deep.

As the performance carries on, it becomes even more notable how each artist plays and builds off the vibes of the others. While there is no doubt a lot of work that goes into each song, video, sold out show, etc., visuals like “100K” shine a light on how much fun they are having bringing the vision to life. It’s impossible not to notice the ear-to-ear cheesin’ on the face of Luke Whitney, who laces the record with soulful vocals. Dude can sing and each time he joins Tobe, his presence on the track is always appreciated.

And, my goodness, anyone watching this video is going to experience a jolt of jubilant bliss when Fat enters the shot. Despite already feeling celebratory, Fat comes through beaming, the powerful aura literally glowing around her physical vessel. It doesn’t matter how good your camera work is or how slick you get with the edits – what Fat brings to this track with her presence alone is special. And it’s special because it’s raw, pure, real and radiating with authenticity.

When “100K” dropped, it dapped the team for reaching BIG numbers organically. A testament to the growing reach of Tobe’s music and message, this version ends with an updated number – 300K. The message, the vision, the purpose is spreading. And, at the risk of sounding corny, the world is a better place because of it.

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Enjoy “100K (#theLIVEexperience)” below.

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