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Watch Now: Three Originals EP - The Conversation

Man, I was watching this and taking notes, ready to provide a comprehensive review of Keisha Nicole’s interview with Tobe Nwigwe, Fat and Nell. But, honestly, I don’t want to spoil the viewing experience for anyone and I really recommend everyone takes the time to press play and soak up the knowledge and good energy shared throughout the 25 minute exchange.

The entirety of “Three Originals EP – The Conversation” is littered with gems and wisdom bombs from the three minds responsible for the countless classics that have come forth since Tobe started releasing weekly content to the masses. With Three Originals out now and a 22-stop tour officially underway, Keisha leads a phenomenal interview that covers a wide range of subject matter – the new EP, their creative process, balancing the brand with their daily lives, overcoming struggles, growth and more. If you do decide to check this out, you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of a beautiful blueprint that, with the right drive, determination and work ethic, will serve you on your journey to whatever it is you’re moving towards.

But the highlight comes from the pureness of the interactions – it’s so clear how much genuine love and respect exists between everyone featured in the interview. Of course, this is always evident in each #getTWISTEDsundays release, but seeing Tobe, Fat and Nell away from the music is a really fun experience if you’ve been following their art at all. The immense level of respect between the three creatives manifests in the form of jokes, jabs and beautifully authentic back-and-forths, which only adds to the entertaining essence of the interview. Even when it’s a conversation, with no production or bars, they’re encompassed with an aura of edutainment.

If you’re trying to catch Nwigwe, Fat and Nell live, cop your tickets before they sell-out. For merch, music and everything else, head to Tobe’s official website.

Watch the interview below.

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