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Watch Now: Taylor Bennett - Streaming Services (feat. Zxxk & Melo Makes Music) [prod. Ivan Jackson]

With the music industry in a constant state of evolution – from record sales declining to streaming services skyrocketing in importance – it has become at once both easier and more difficult for emerging artists to maneuver through the industry. Anybody can upload a new song and find that random loosie blowing up the charts. But there is also an abundance – perhaps even an oversaturation – of content available today. With such a heavy dose of new music dropping left and right, with no clear-cut means of predicting what will resonate from one moment to the next, young artists may find themselves fluctuating, and becoming increasingly frustrated, in the realm between reality and expectations or illusion.

Chicago-based artist Taylor Bennett offers up well-versed commentary on this subject matter with his latest visual, “Streaming Services”. More than just a catchy, anthemic bop, the new drop from Bennett serves as a means of educating viewers on the various struggles and hurdles faced by independent artists in today’s tumultuous music industry. As things continue to evolve, nobody knows what’s next – eventually, streaming will give way to a new, more convenient way of listening to music. Regardless of what is now and what is next, it’s vital artists continue to immerse themselves in learning how to properly distribute and profit off of their work.

Rather than point fingers or place blame on higher up in the industry or the naivety of young artists, “Streaming Service” is simply bringing certain ideas and concepts to the surface. It’s a thought provoking and necessary dialogue from someone who has been able to experience and witness firsthand how the industry works, both negatively and positively. And it just so happens to be presented in an easily digestible fashion, wrapped up in catchy production from Ivan Jackson and high-energy delivery from Bennett, Zxxk and Melo Makes Music.

Directed by Stripmall, the visual experience utilizes rockstar imagery coupled with some well placed edits to create a fun, captivating video that houses the depth of the content. From purchasing and riding a giraffe to sold out stadiums, Bennett pokes fun at the lack of authenticity encompassing a lot of the glitz and glam surrounding mainstream success. By the end of the video, viewers witness a striking juxtaposition of the reality of independent artistry – someone could have a song bringing in millions of streams and still be rocking a job at a convenience store. At the end of the day, it’s all about your intentions and your mentality: are you creating for a higher purpose or is it just about entering into the illusion of living like a rockstar? As Taylor shows in the closing scene, you can bring that rockstar mentality to anything you do.

“Streaming Services” will find life on the forthcoming American Reject.

Press play on the video below.

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