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Watch Now: Tate McRae - that way (Acoustic)

It takes a special artist to craft a sound that bridges the generational divide as seamlessly as Tate McRae does. It’s a further testament to her song writing ability that she manages to do so at the age of 16. In the words of Mr. West, listen to the kids, bruh.

With “that way,” McRae presents the powerful depth of her prose with a composed yet emotive delivery, coupling impassioned content with the ebb and flow of youthful confusion. As the story wrapped within her words unfolds, the message finds a way to ripple across generations, undoubtedly hitting listeners of all ages squarely in the feels. Why? Because “that way” is presented in a manner that makes it a sonic manifestation of relatability – and this holds true with every record I’ve had the pleasure of listening to from Tate.

You don’t have to dig deep to recognize the young songstress is writing from her heart. And the authenticity of her music casts a glowing aura of realness around each lyric.

With Zach DeGaetano providing the musical landscape upon which Tate floats, the all the things i never said cut comes to life. While I’m sure we’ll continue to see McRae release records and visuals with heavier production, the stripped down renditions of her music do a wondrous job showcasing the raw talent that first caught the attention of her always growing audience.

“that way” finds life on all the things i never said, which is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Enjoy the acoustic performance below.

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