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Watch Now: Tate McRae - stupid

“stupid” is a trip, man. From the slick choreography to the enigmatic colors and hues, the Jasper Soloff-directed visual experience serves as the perfect manifestation of Tate McRae’s all the things i never said record.

If you’ve been on the Tate Train, you’re already aware of the young creative’s powerful and engaging crooning. With “stupid,” the lyrical content – which is wonderful in and of itself in regards to songwriting – becomes accented by McRae’s vocal prowess and punch-like delivery. All of this is elevated even higher thanks to the accompanying production, the song building organically in an abrasive yet calming fashion. “stupid” really becomes a beautiful lighthouse of sorts, guiding listeners through the tumultuous thought patters of attachment.

Beyond the music itself, this visual treatment has everything it needs to not only capture your attention from start to finish but purposefully tell the story at hand. Viewers witness Tate at a slumber party, surrounded by her friends but unable to escape the mental and emotional strings that keep her bound to the villainous “him.” As her friends laugh and joke, it’s clear Tate is trapped in her own head, heart and world. Everything about “stupid” pops from the screen – the shadowy brights manage to illuminate the otherwise dark scenes, coupling beautifully with the sharp and pronounced physical movements of Tate and her mates. With perfect timing, the lyrics are bounced from Tate to her friends, adding a cool dimension to the visual. Will Loftis, who choreographed the “stupid” visual, deserves serious daps and pounds for getting each and every movement synced so perfectly with the song.

all the things i never said is available now wherever you listen to music.

Press play on “stupid” below.

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